ChiroThin Approved Food List

Fruits & Veggies (2 fruits max per day & lots of veggies)
ANY veggie but NO starchy peas, corn, potatoes, or beans.  Should take it easy with carrots and beets too.

2 (two) servings of ANY fruits but NO bananas, pineapple or grapes!!!

Meats (No more than 8 ounces Per Day of lean protein)
Chicken (white meant only)
Cottage Cheese (low fat only) 
Eggs (3 whites & 1 yolk)

All white fish (non oily types--NO salmon) 
Ground Beef
Lunch meats
Pork (lean) 
Tuna Fish (white, canned, packed in water)
Turkey (white meat only)

Snacks (2 Servings Per Day not to exceed 40 calories per day)
Brown Rice Crackers
Melba Toast or Rounds
Grissini Breadsticks
Gluten/Wheat Free Pretzels
or any bread or cracker that doesn't exceed 40 calories per day

Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg brand is the best!)
Coconut Oil (Extra Virgin)
Lemon (1 per day in addition to 2 fruit servings)   
Tea, preferably Green Tea or any Herbal Tea
MCT Oil (the only approved oil on this diet. Can be purchased with diet plan)
Any spices that do not contain sugar