Insurance & Payment Options

New Life Chiropractic strongly believes that finances should not be a barrier to having a healthier body.  We believe in the value of corrective care and wellness care for you and your family and have maintained a pricing structure that allows care for all budgets.   

What is the protocol for verifying my chiropractic benefits?

Every new patient first office visit always begins with a 15 minute no charge consultation to see if chiropractic care is right for your condition.  If the doctor agrees to take your case then all associated fees will be discussed with you before any services are rendered. You will be responsible for payment of these fees following your first visit.  

The doctor will need time to analyze your history, exam and necessary X-rays to determine if you will be accepted for care in our office.  During your second visit you will receive a report of our findings.  You will learn where your problem areas are, the condition of those areas, the treatment plan and of course all costs associated with your care plan.  Your second visit report of findings is no additional cost.  If you are accepted for care in our office we will verify your health insurance benefits prior to your second visit to see what services, if any may be covered by your policy.  We will go over the details of your health insurance policy on your second visit.  If your first office visit is covered by your insurance then you will receive a prompt refund or credit on your account.

It is not our policy to “pre-verify” your insurance benefits before your initial first visit because we have not yet determined if we will accept you for care. Our office staff cannot be tied up with lengthy phone calls to insurance companies during regular office hours as these calls would take away from the daily patient care routines.  Therefore, insurance verifications are completed outside of regular office hours.  You can always contact your insurance company yourself and inquire about your policy limits for “Out-of-Network chiropractic benefits.”

Why don’t you contract with my insurance company?

There are good reasons why patients seek New Life Chiropractic for their health management instead of a traditional PPO provider.  Contracting with insurance companies to be a participant in their networks is not just about billing and payment. Conventional insurance plans have a “cook book” for the treatment of all health conditions.  When chiropractors sign those contracts they are agreeing to treat patients according to the treatment protocols that the insurance companies have deemed “appropriate”.  New Life Chiropractic feels that the insurance company guidelines are not the best possible option to ensure or restore the highest level of health for the patient; because of this we are unable to sign those contracts.  


--We participate with Medicare for short term acute care only and not for ongoing maintenance care as outlined by their contract guidelines.
--We will accept Personal Injury cases when the patient has “Medical Payment” coverage on their automobile insurance policy.
--If we accept you for care in our office, and you have Medicare or out-of-network benefits with your PPO health insurance, we will provide all billing and follow- up directly with your insurance carrier on your behalf. 
--HMO and EPO insurance plans are not accepted in our office.  
--We do accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, FSA and HSA’s as methods of payment.

No Insurance

For patients who have little or no chiropractic insurance coverage, we offer discounts on all prompt-pay corrective care and maintenance care plans.